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Are you a coach or trainer feeling frustrated with inconsistent client flow, a lack of streamlined systems, or uncertainty about your pricing and offers? Our in-depth Business Audit is your solution. We’ll uncover hidden roadblocks, pinpoint areas for improvement, and create a personalized plan for sustainable growth.

Who is This For?

Continual support can significantly benefit your business by:

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What's Included in the Audit

Ideal for: Businesses seeking regular operational assistance to maintain efficiency and address minor issues promptly.

What you get

Areas of Assessment


The Essential Audit ($497)

Targeted Transformation: Choose 2-3 critical areas of your business where you need the most clarity and guidance. Get a focused assessment, pinpointed recommendations, and a clear action plan to create rapid results.

Ideal if: You have specific bottlenecks (e.g., struggling with client acquisition, wanting to streamline your operations) and need an expert roadmap to address those areas.

The Essential Audit ($497)

Unlock Your Business Potential: Get a 360-degree evaluation of your coaching business. We’ll uncover hidden growth opportunities, optimize all key areas, and develop a powerful growth plan.

Ideal if: You’re ready for a deep dive into your business, want to maximize efficiency across the board, and establish a foundation for sustainable growth.

*payment plans available

Getting Started with an Audit

Elevate and sustain your business’s success with Sideline Assist. Here’s how to engage with our Ongoing Support Services:


Let’s discuss where your business stands today and where you aim to be.


Based on your business size, challenges, and goals, we’ll help you select the support level that best fits your needs.


Partner with us to keep your operations sharp, your strategies fresh, and your business growing.

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